Monday, February 10, 2020

Kuwait and US Universities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Kuwait and US Universities - Essay Example Education is funded by the Federal, State and Local governments. Education up to high school is compulsory from the ages of five to eighteen. In Kuwait education is funded by the government, and has 8-9 years of compulsory schooling for all children, The Kuwait evaluation and certification system is adopted from the British and American curriculum and the government usually hires teachers from these two countries. This has resulted in developing a comprehensive education system that takes the specific requirements of the region into consideration and educates the youth by consultation and their active participation in the education process. The system also strengthens communication and propagation for reform and addresses â€Å"technical details† for the proper implementation of the education system in the context of recent innovations in technology and the social sciences. In the States education is easily available, with school curricula, funding, funding and policy matters being determined by the school board which has jurisdiction over all schools in its district, with guidance from state legislatures School districts are separate from other local legal authority, with independent budgets and officials.Decisions for educational and testing standards are made by the state government. ... The government of Kuwait provides scholarships for students who qualify and are accepted by Universities in the West, especially in the United States and Britain. In the United States, the age for compulsory education varies with states, and the requirements for essential education is met by educating children in public state certified schools. In most schools in America, education is carried out at three levels, elementary, middle and high school. In all levels children are divided by age, and the exact range of students in different grade levels is different from state to state and area to area. Kuwait has made tremendous strides in education considering that there was absolutely no formal education available at the beginning of the 20th century. Education consisted of a few religious schools that taught reading the Quran, including some basic writing and arithmetic. Because of revenues from oil exports, Kuwait prospered and the government started providing formal education to its citizens. This greatly encouraged education and by 1950 there were more than 65,000 boys and girls studying in many schools. In 1965m following the implementation of a formal constitution for the country, education was considered a basic right for all citizens, and was made compulsory for children between the ages of 6 to 14. The Ministry of Education in Kuwait has prepared a long term education strategy up to the year 2025, to prepare its citizens for life in an increasingly globalised world. The government is also providing training for women to promote female participation in the affairs of the country. In the United States there are more than 85 million students enrolled from kindergarten to graduate schools. Amongst them a few million were also studying in private

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